Good Intentions

Oxen Vex

The starving are neglected.
We have no sincerity.
Just keep the TV on.
Ethics is a dirty word,
it makes no money.
The jar was burning him now. He had to make the drums, they seemed to be growing fainter now. The bombing was lighting the sky up. The air was getting heavier. The world was being eaten alive. The humanity was lost. He knew he could no longer hold the jar, he kept on. She rose in front of him. This was another trial. He knew he could no longer escape. She lay him down.
Letting you down,
is the best I could do.
We should never leave
but we did.
Death was stalking.
Life was evading.
It would all end.
The explosions were coming.
No one will ever move.
The fights can’t go on.
He was resisting. Trying to fight her off. She clawed at his face, with…

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Oxen Vex

They rolled together
entwined consciousness.
Her skin soft to touch.
She was a peach.
He wanted salvation.
The lies were moving closer together now. As they got close, they seemed to merge and become an undeniable truth. The flame of truth grew brighter. The truth would bring salvation or a teenage riot. He could hear the music down the street, it would soon be cut off, personal enjoyment no longer allowed.
The desire was growing.
He longed for her.
Atrocities committed daily.
Guarantees made by rockets and grenades.
All communications down.
Bow down or die.
Go out and clear the streets now.
The truth was getting louder now. It was causing the lights to burn brighter. The radiators were humming and vibrating. The floor was shaking. The desk exploded. He felt a relief wash over him. He picked her up. Bending her over he entered. He was going to try…

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Pain of a Father

my daughter

you use her, as your weapon.

i pick her up

and she is glad, to be

out of the cold

the warmth of her, disappearing

with each new time

she returns to you

fighting to stay away

from you

crying about going back

as a father

i am, on unequal footing

you have all the rights

as you kill

my daughter’s flame