my head buzzing
or is it
merely my alarm
at being woken up.




Post-structuralism and post-modernism were two of the things that really got me thinking when at university. I’m now currently working on merging the two to try and create a narrative on morality, I feel unlike many that both schools of thought are related but not as in the parent/child view many people have, more a close cousin relationship. Together they are powerful tools. Below is the first paragraph from the novella.

After WW II, such was the naivety of the international community that it was thought that the problem of refugees was a small residue of that war and would be cleared up rather quickly. We start by assuming that the outcomes of any random event can be categorised into a number of states of the world. Late in the seventeenth century criticism of this outlook became vocal; and during the eighteenth century a number of thinkers developed views in which morality was taken, to one degree or another, not simply as suitably imposed on our nature but as an expression of it.