Pure of Thought

flowing through streams of consciousness. watching, voyeuristically on society. feeding on the weak and insecure. flesh picked from their bones.

crows circling.

willow trees bending in the wind. the fear of death carried. so scared of death, life was lost. washing over me, just wash over me. the past is the seasons gone, leaving now.

the leaves wilting. the first frosts are coming. coming hard. bringing the death of millions. the world trembles, lies quivering. over the skies are the futile cries. the dead will forget but the living need forgiving. the crimes, unpalatable. destroyer, all the blame must be taken.

on the banks we stand alone. dreams washing away. they were all deceived. believed in the wrong gods.

all the fighting had come to nothing. life was over.

communion of souls. damned and sold for the glory. dreams of life.